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PChome Reports NT$9.20 billion Revenue for 2019 First Quarter Revenue Grows with Positive Bottom Line, Striving for Open Structure and CBT


PChome Reports NT$2.82 Billion Revenue in April, yoy 18% Mobile Optimization & Cross-border Services Take Effects


PChome Reports NT$3.00 Billion Revenue in March, yoy 12.2% Mobile Optimization Taking Effect with Strong Growth Momentum


PChome Reports NT$34.59 billion Revenue for 2018 Full Year Big Leap for Revenue Growth and 2019 Is A Year for Revenue & Profitability


PChome and Rakuten Enter into Alliance Agreement Alliance to expand customer base for both partners and improve service convenience for members in Taiwan


PChome Reports NT$2.77 Billion Revenue in February YTD Revenue NT$6.20 Billion, yoy 12.3%, Strong CNY Sales


PChome Reports NT$3.43 Billion Revenue in January, yoy 26.3% Chinese New Year Boost the Performance


PChome Reports NT$3.23 Billion Revenue in December, yoy 15.7% NT$10.35 Billion Revenue in 4Q18 with Strong Mobile Optimization


PChome's "Chinese New Year Market" gains huge popularity. Sales of New Year Food and Groceries grow by 5 times. Introducing time-honored brands and oversea fresh goods improve the one-platform shopping expericence. customers can earn 300 dollars cashback per 3500 purchase in foods, a chance lottery draw of 65 inch TV per 1 dollar consumption in home appliance, and up to 8,888 rebated if paying with specific cards.


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