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PChome Reports NT$ 4.69 Billion Revenue in November, MoM 54.3% Lead the Way to Beat Last Year’s Performance


PChome Reports Consolidated Revenue NT$9.45 Billion for the Third Quarter of 2019 Net Income QoQ Significantly Grow by 133.5%


PChome Reports NT$3.04 Billion Revenue in October The Historical High in the Same Period By Integrating Group Membership and P Point Ecosystem PChome is ready for the Double-11


PChome 24h Shopping applied AI & big data to warm up for double 11 festival. As twelve different venues discounting over a billion, get 10% reward among 36 banks and 30-month, interest free installment.


Feature in influencer, PChome 24h Shopping collaborates with LiveMe in “shopping ahead of double 11”. 25 popular diamonds level streamers compete for best salesperson, selling popular products and warming up for the upcoming festival.


PChome Reports NT$3.02 Billion Revenue in September The Historical High in the Same Period Increasing Female Consumption Made Contribution to Over 60% of Revenue


PChome Global Shopping joins <2019 MY CYBER SALE ASIA>, with over 450,000 products shipping directly to Malaysia.


Sales performance has grown four times more in the first three hours of iPhone 11 releases on the only authorized dealer of Apple in Taiwan E-commerce. With ordering before noon, delivery will arrive in afternoon, and Nei-Hu district can receive order within two hours. Get the screen fragmentation insurance only on PChome 24h Shopping with costing a few coins per day.


iPhone 11 is on board on PChome 24h Shopping ,the only authorized dealer of Apple in Taiwan E-commerce. With the over ten times bigger backup storage, we persist on 24 hours delivery, putting most effort on delivering before noon in Taipei.


Festival creating is Effective! Female and young customer have taken more proportion of the sales revenue than before. In Augest PChome has sales revenue 33.68 billion dollar, setting a new highest record in same period from past few years.


PChome 24h Shopping collaborates with China Post Ltd. on "i-mailbox pick-up" service. Being the first E-commerce company introducing Smart Pick-up Container is the diversification the last mile of Logistics.


"AFTEE Pick Up First Pay Later" collaborates with PChome 24h shopping, establishing payment flow on an international scale. Introducing a whole new shopping experience of safety, guarantee, and payment independence into Taiwan.


Whole new Samsung galaxy Note 10 plus Aura blue is only available on PChome 24h Shopping, the biggest 3C sales channel in Taiwan which profits 1.8 times more than last year, on 8/15.


PChome consolidated income in the first half is up to $128.29 billion dollar. PChome bought more shares from its subsidiary PChome Pay, accelerating Payment service and Internet finance arrangement.


Women power strategy succeeded, action first followed by strategy. PChome profits $30.65 billion in july, setting highest single month record from the past


The first two day of PChome August Hearty gifts festival achievement has been outstanding, surprising discount Line Shopping gives 8% reward, Citi bank PChome joint brand prime card gives 24% reward. Orers recieved on the evening party was four times more than before.


PChome August Hearty gifts festival releases 70% off summer sale, surpassing double 11! PChome August Hearty gifts festival presents 17 Taiwanese and Korean artists with surprises on evening party, creating climax for the celebration. Pickle the Frog coming to Taiwan for the first time. Pikachu, Mario, and Poli joining the party,hundreds of brands celebrting the summer vacation,


PChome August Hearty gifts festival rings the first bell of celebration, combining Chinese Valentine's Day, Father's Day, and Hungry Ghost Festival together. We build the largest gifting platform.share love through public welfare bidding, merchantdises including Earth God from Hunglodei, "love is irrational" commercial, and sgined Boxman pullow.


PChome enroll green shopping plan, publishing 31 newly desgined eco-friendly boxes in the first place.


PChhome X P&G flash co-brand day with all products 60% off, maitaining company's cultivating strategy, 14 daily product brands will introduce discount one after another.


PChome June's sales revenue set the highest record ever. In the first half year, focusing on mobile field is effective, flourishing US-Japan-Korea cross-border e-commence system.


PChome "BOX Life"! Watch Ning Chang's unboxing dairy, and capture every exciting unboxing moment. See how our goddess react to netizens' surprises.


PChome "Ecstacy 88 Carnival" features the most insane festival this summer. Building exclusive entertaining e-commence experience: 17 Taiwan and Korean artists, popular IP, brand raiding guide, and Ning Chang hosting the party.


PChome 24h Shopping celebrating smart tag anniversary, featuring decent discounts for members. Zhongyuan Festival promotion begins early, those who own "food friend card" are qualified for limitted amount of 5% reward discount.


Language learing platform announced English courses valued 1 billion NTD. There will be estimated 70,000 people benefitted by the novel personal English learning mode.


PChome collaborates with Hanaro on logistics, picking a role in Taiwan-Korean cross border e-commence


First wave on mobile has a 100% growth PChome 19th anniversary, active members from app have increased 42% through these years. Ning Chang has been invited to be the first endorsement person for PChome, welcoming fans to embrace PChome. consuming up to $666 will own the chance to possess The Landis coupons, discount up to 76% off starts from 6/18


PChome online shopping starts to celebrate 19th anniversary, shooting 8 events in a row to promote sales volume, discount up to 72% off. As YoY increases 50% of growth, 36 banks and 6 mobile payments have provided promotions, 6/13 pay with citi bank PChome Prime co-brand card enjoys 19% reward.


Mobile sales has been powerful in 8 monthes with a 50% average growth. multi-brand promoting has been effective. PChome profits 30.43 billion in May, increasing 14.5% annually.


PChome 24h Shopping announced alliance with BIOTHERM, breaking into beauty care onlinw market. PChome enhances beauty care direct brand counter, BIOTHERM online flag shop grand openning.


The first stock of LUCIA smart music box is available on PChome 24h Shopping exclusively on 6/1. PChome is the first choice in e-commence to buy smart furniture. Sales volume has increased 10 times more in Q1 for AI and smart furniture.


PChome 24h Shopping features various brand cooperation, leading to the vigorous consuming atmosphere. Healthy food, home sports equipment, and exquisite furniture topped the best seller board. "520 man charishes wife" releases fine gifts for wife, loving without limit.


PChome Appreciated Executive Yuan for its administration by Law. PChome will sign the contract with Chunghua Post Co., Ltd. looking forward to expand Cross-border logistics services.


PChome Reports NT$9.20 billion Revenue for 2019 First Quarter Revenue Grows with Positive Bottom Line, Striving for Open Structure and CBT


PChome Reports NT$2.82 Billion Revenue in April, yoy 18% Mobile Optimization & Cross-border Services Take Effects


Mother's Day brought explosive sales; 50% growth in total sales in terms of mobile performance. 65% of slaes on mobile attributed to female millennials. 512 Princess Festival provides discounts up to 80% off; PChome Prime Card pointback up to 18%.


Filing taxes up to 200,000 with E. Sun x Pi Wallet Credit Card provides 1% point reward; up to 2,000P. Overseas spending can get 3.5% point from May to August.


Everyday Reliable ! PChome Online has become "happy company" in Taiwan. PChome expands its recruitment project, various positions will be provided. PChome will also provide with overseas job vacancy.


PChome 24h Shopping allies itself with "Avengers : Endgame" and hosts O2O event. There will be movie logistics box and marvel related products in the event.


Cornerstone Ventures announced that they will invest in FundPark, USPACE, and ShopBack in Q1.


PChome Reports NT$3.00 Billion Revenue in March, yoy 12.2% Mobile Optimization Taking Effect with Strong Growth Momentum


Xiaomi's Flagship Store revenue increased 150% due to the coorperation with PChome 24hr shopping. Xiaomi 9, along with other new products will make its debut during Mi Fan Festival, 4/2 .


PChome Reports NT$34.59 billion Revenue for 2018 Full Year Big Leap for Revenue Growth and 2019 Is A Year for Revenue & Profitability


PChome Reports NT$34.59 billion Revenue for 2018 Full Year Big Leap for Revenue Growth and 2019 Is A Year for Revenue & Profitability


PChome and Rakuten Enter into Alliance Agreement Alliance to expand customer base for both partners and improve service convenience for members in Taiwan


PChome Thai joined SME Thailand Online Project : Connecting Thailand market with Taiwan via PChome and open up double-sided Cross-border Services.


PChome Reports NT$2.77 Billion Revenue in February YTD Revenue NT$6.20 Billion, yoy 12.3%, Strong CNY Sales


Happy Queen's Day ! PChome 24h Shopping offered up to 90% off and16% off coupons will be provided. PChome Prime Cards provide up to 17% pay card reward and ShopBack 2% cash refund.


"PChome 24h Shopping continues to win the most popular B2C online shopping website. More pointback will be received to celebrate the collaboration with ShopBack in 2019. With exclusive coupons, up to million products offered 16% off plus unlimited 2% cashback. "


"PChome exclusively acquired the right to pre-order Galaxy S10e 6G/128G in 2/25. Pre-ordering Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e series provide with pointback up to NTD 10,000."


PChome Reports NT$3.43 Billion Revenue in January, yoy 26.3% Chinese New Year Boost the Performance


"Lingvist: AI-aided language learning services Introducing New Service: Mini Course. To get in the Valentine's Day spirit, Lingvist launches campaign only during Valentine's Day: ""Love all around"" and ""Loving you, loving me""."


"PChome 24h New Year shopping sales grew about 50%. Two million products are insured to be delivered within 24 hours throughout Taiwan."


"The online game show brought tremendous sales. PS4 sales hit the record within 3 minutes. PChome 24h Shopping muscles in e-sports market while the sales on e-sport products have been increased to two times in comparison with last year. "


"Buying famous goods in one site: E-commerce dominates traditional New Year goods. Sales on dry goods and gift boxes increased about yoy 50%. The sales on fresh goods and New Year's food gained doubly. New Year's shopping discounts up to 90% off. Buying with PChome Prime co-brand card will receive point back up to 17% while buying above NT$2,019 on APP will have an opportunity to win Dyson V10."


"Pi wallet first introduced the feature of binding payments with phone bills. The brand new paying feature has been collaborated with Far Eas Tone. Binding payments with phone bills now receives 20 p-coin. Also, 200 p-coin for every NT3,000 purchase will be provided when shopping on PChome."


PChome Reports NT$3.23 Billion Revenue in December, yoy 15.7% NT$10.35 Billion Revenue in 4Q18 with Strong Mobile Optimization


"Thai e-payment license passed: PChome Thai went into social commerce. With the growth of social commerce in Thailand, PChome use e-payment to create blue ocean in the industry."


PChome's "Chinese New Year Market" gains huge popularity. Sales of New Year Food and Groceries grow by 5 times. Introducing time-honored brands and oversea fresh goods improve the one-platform shopping expericence. customers can earn 300 dollars cashback per 3500 purchase in foods, a chance lottery draw of 65 inch TV per 1 dollar consumption in home appliance, and up to 8,888 rebated if paying with specific cards.


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