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Corporate Governance

PChome Online Inc. is on the basis of compliance with legal regulations, the Board of Directors to maintain a sound and effective operation of the company as a basis for sustainable development, and in order to maintain good corporate governance in the effective functioning of the board of directors to protect shareholders' equity. The company has 8 board members, all directors are based charter election by shareholders voted, including 3 seats of independent directors, whose responsibilities include supervision and guidance appointed management company, and is responsible for the company's overall operating conditions, is committed to maximizing shareholders' equity.


Jan, Hung-Tze

Department of Economics, National Taiwan University


PChome Store Inc.

Eastern Online Co., Ltd.

Eolembrain Co., Ltd.

PChome eBay Co., Ltd.

Site Inc.

Business Next Publishing Corp.

PChome InterPay Inc.

PChomePay Inc.

Yiabi Inc.

Linktel Inc.

IT Home Publications Inc.

Pi Mobile Technology Inc.


PChome (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

PCHOME US INC.,Taiwan Branch

PayEasy Ltd.

EOL social Co., Ltd



PC Home Online International Co.(B.V.I.)

PC Home Online (Cayman) Inc.

PC Home Online (HK) Ltd.

eCommerce Group Co.,Ltd.(B.V.I.)

Ruten Global Inc.(Cayman)

EC Global Limited

PChome Japan KK


Rakuya International Info. Co.

Ruten Japan KK, Director

Sinyi Reality Inc.,Independent Director

CDIB Capital Innovation Advisors Corporation, Director

LION TRAVEL SERVICE CO., LTD., Independent Director /Remuneration Committee, Member/The Audit Committee, Member

ASMedia Technology Inc., Independent Director/ Remuneration Committee, Member

Public Television Service Foundation, Director

funP Innovation Inc., Director

Wang Yun Wu Library Foundation, Director

Taipei Culture Foundation, Director

The Alliance Cultural Foundation, Director

Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, Director


Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association, Honorary Director

Cite Media Holding Group, Honorary Chairman


Tsai , Kai-wen


Master of Business Administration in Executive Management

PChome Online Inc., General Manager

PChomePay Inc., Director (Legal representative)

Rakuya International Info. Co. Ltd., Director (Legal representative)


Tseng, Xun-yi

(Legal representative of PChome Online Inc.)

MS, Administrative studies -e-commerce, systems & technology, Boston University

EMBA, Accounting, National Taiwan University

PChome eBay Co.,Ltd., GM

PChome eBay Co., Ltd., Director

PChomePay Inc., Director


Fong , Hong-Zhang

(Legal representative of PChome Online Inc.)

Department of Industrial Management

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


Hsu, Jie-Li

Waseda Business School

PChome Store Inc., Director

Compal Electronics, Inc., Deputy Manager of Investment Management

Kinpo Electronics, Inc., Director

Baotek Industrial Materials Ltd., Supervisor

Eslitespectrum Inc., Director

Breeze Comprehensive Development Inc., Director

Calcomp-bio, Inc., Director

PK Venture Capital Corp., Director

Winbond Electronics Corp., Independent Director.

AcBel Polytech Inc., Vice Executive General Manager

Cal-Comp Big Data, Inc. , Director

Sirtec International Co.,Ltd., Independent Director

Nuvoton Technology Corp., Independent Director

Teleport Access Services, Inc., Supervisor

CastleNet Techonology Inc., Supervisor

 The independent directors of  Company accepted the nomination of shareholders from April 3rd to April 16th, 2018 according to the provisions of the company's articles of association. The board of directors of  Pchome Online nominated the guests Mr. Yu Zhang- Song ,Huang  Shao-hua and Mr. Li Yuan were the independent directors of the company's 2018 regular shareholders' election. The candidate passed the trial on April 23, 2018. And the shareholders' meeting was elected on June 13, 2018.

Independent director

Yu, Chang-Sung

Doctor of Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University

NTU College of Management, Professor

PChome Store Inc., Independent Director / Remuneration Committee, Chairman

Lion Travel Service Co., Ltd. Independent Director / Remuneration Committee, Member/Audit Committee, Member

CSIM, Chairman

Independent director

Huang, Shao-hua

Department of Communication Engineering, National Chiao Tung University

Acer Inc., Director

BIONET Corp., Independent Director/Remuneration Committee, Chairman

Taiwan Taxi Co., Ltd., Independent Director/Remuneration Committee, Member

Les enphants Co.,Ltd., Supervisor

Motech Industries Inc., Supervisor

InterServ International Inc., Supervisor

Apacer Technology Inc., Supervisor

Independent director

Li Yuan

Department of Biology,The Taiwan Provincial Normal College

PCHOMESTORE INC., Independent Director/ Remuneration Committee, Member

The General Association of Chinese Culture, Executive Committee, Member

Taipei Culture Foundation, Director

Taiwan Television Enterprise Ltd, Press Council, Member

Paper Windmill Theatre, Director

Synnex Cultural and Educational Foundation, Director

Taipei Media School, Principal

Golden Horse Awards, Executive committee, Member


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