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PChome Store www.pcstore.com.tw

Over 120,000 merchants throughout Taiwan

Established in October 2005, using the Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework, PChome Online Store offers small and medium sized firms a new model to expand their businesses online, allowing them to provide customers with service within 24 hours. On April 30, 2010, PChome Online Store separated from its parent company to become a subsidiary of PChome. With over 120,000 merchants, it has the highest number of online stores in Taiwan. 


Ruten (a eBay JV) www.ruten.com.tw

Over 220 million active listings available for sale

In September 2006, PChome Online and eBay Inc. formed a joint venture to establish Ruten, an online auctioning platform. With over 220 million active listings, it is the largest online market in Taiwan. The goal of Ruten is to serve as a platform for 2 million of small to medium sized businesses and individual merchants allowing them to conduct easy, low cost transactions. Ruten offers a great way to break into e-commerce for anyone who wishes to start an online business. All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

Rakuya www.rakuya.com.tw

The largest online provider of real estate services in Taiwan, with the highest number of buy and sell transactions

In April 2008, PChome Online established Rakuya through a joint venture with five large real estate companies in Taiwan, including Century 21, Pacific Realtor, Chinatrust Real Estate Co., H&B Business Group, and Sinyi Realty Inc. . Rakuya offers the most complete information on real estate transactions by combining many indices. Today, Rakuya has the highest number of properties for sale of all real estate network platforms in Taiwan. In February 2012, Rakuya joined the transnational market by signing a formal agreement with NEXT GROUP of Japan to integrate NEXT GROUP’s transnational real estate properties and the experience of Japan in providing online real estate service. This allowed the Taiwanese market to provide top quality online real estate service and information on transnational real estate properties.
Rakuya provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily find homes for sale, homes for lease, new homes, foreclosures, and the best interior designers. By combining all information on transactions and making them transparent and abundant, Rakuya provides the most up-to-date and accurate information on prices and offers financial advice to anyone planning to buy a home. This is truly the best website for buying and selling homes.

LinkTel skype.pchome.com.tw

Offering Skype telecommunication services

In July 2004, PChome Online and Skype Technologies S.A. cooperated to develop the PChome & Skype service, formally introducing the P2P internet phone service into the VoIP market. PChome Online became Skype’s first business partner. PChome & Skype offers free global Skype-to-Skype voice and video features, text messaging service, affordable international calling , SkypeOut for mobile, and many other services with the goal of providing users in Taiwan a stable, high-quality online telephone service at a low price. For business consumers, PChome & Skype provides a cost-effective and highly convenient group purchasing options, unified management, a centralized distribution system, all with a security control mechanism to help businesses improve administrative efficiency and save on telecommunication cost.
In order to provide the best service to the users, PChome & Skype transferred their operations to a specified subsidiary, LinkTel Inc in March 2011. 

PChomePay www.pchomepay.com.tw

Offering third-party payment services over the web in Taiwan

PChomePay was established in March 2012 as a third party payment system for users in Taiwan with a core focus on providing a secure, convenient, and efficient way to transfer money. 
PChomePay offers a secure way for buyers to transfer money to sellers. Buyers do not have to worry about whether or not they will receive the products that they have already paid for. As sellers accept payment through PChomePay, they can increase their internet credit-worthiness and increase the number of pathways available to them to accept money. PChomePay increases efficiency of the shipping process. Furthermore, the remaining balances on accounts are 100% guaranteed, which allows users  to transfer any remaining balance to an associated bank account, or use balance to make more purchases.

PChome InterPay www.interpay.com.tw

Specialized electronic payment institution approved by FSC

PChome InterPay obtained permission to engage exclusively in electronic payment business in January 2016, license in March 2016, and officially launched service in October 2016. It will provide a thorough online payment service to all users of Taiwan’s No.1 e-commerce market – Ruten. Through InterPay, users could use the stored value for online shopping, and make transfers between electronic payment accounts freely as well.


PChome InterPay’s business scope includes collecting and making payments for real transactions as an agent; accepting deposits of funds as stored value funds; and transferring funds between e-payment accounts, etc.

PChome InterPay will connect payment applications for tens of millions of users of PChome Group to experience the fastest and the most convenient online payment.

Pi mobile wallet www.piapp.com.tw

Serve more daily scenarios for an easy-to-use, safe-to-pay mobile life.

Pi Mobile Technology Inc. was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of PChome Online. With mobile payment domain as the core field of R&D, since the launch of “Pi Mobile Wallet” in May 2015 the company has dedicated to developing the easiest and the most convenient mobile payment service. In the future, Pi Mobile Wallet will continue to meet the needs of different payment situations, achieving “easy-to-use, safe-to-pay” vision to improve new mobile payment life. 
◆ Main Features of Pi Mobile Wallet
1. CVS Payment: The first to support payments in the top 4 CVS (7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK.mart), over 10,000 shops in Taiwan; also support payments in Simple Mart.
2. Parking Fee: Use mobile phone to pay toll parking in 13 main cities in Taiwan without going outdoors, with the highest parking fee coverage rate (98.91%) among mobile payment providers
3. Credit Card Payment: Support 28 banks bill, binding bank accounts to activate quick payment 
4. Mobile Ordering: Order by cellphone, also for the store to easily seize every single order
5. Water Fee: Enter account number to easily handle Taipei City water fee
6. Insurance Payment: Just scan Fubon Insurance Bill to pay immediately
7. Phone Library Card: The only one to launch cooperation with 61 Libraries, just scan cellphones to borrow books
8. Personal Online Transactions: Simply exchange both sides’ phone numbers to complete payment, just as easily as messaging
9. Safety Guarantee: Conforming to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard(PCI DSS), pair cellphones with passwords for top security

PChome USA www.pchomeusa.com

Offering a consumer-to-consumer platform for e-commerce in the US

PChome US was established in April 2012 to provide e-commerce services to Chinese users in the United States. Whether they are Chinese Americans or overseas Chinese studying or working abroad, they can shop and purchase products on PChome US. PChome US offers electronics containing Chinese interface if customers prefer to use electronics in their native language. PChome US also sells Chinese books and magazines as soon as they are available on the market in Taiwan. In addition, PChome US offers household goods. All of these items are shipped directly from Taiwan and will arrive within an average of 3-5 business days to any of the 50 states of the United States of America. PChome US will continue to take advantage of e-commerce to connect to the lives of overseas Chinese living in North America to provide them the highest quality online service.
PChome US Inc. (PChomeUSA) pushed forward C2C e-commerce in April 2014 to provide Chinese Americans an easy-to-use platform for starting an online business. By going through the C2C e-commerce platform of PChomeUSA, merchants located in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, USA, or Canada can use this platform to expand their business, regardless of whether they are individuals, mini-shops, or small to medium sized businesses. Asian products are no longer restricted by physical borders, and can now be sold to all parts of the USA, showing the world the quality and competitiveness of Asian products. 

PChome Thai www.pchome.co.th

Offering a consumer-to-consumer platform for e-commerce in Thailand

PChome Thai is a subsidiary of PChome Online Inc., also a joint venture company with Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited. The company was established in January 2015 to provide e-Commerce services in Thailand. PChome Thai strives to be the ultimate easy, safe and fun online shopping experience! By going through the comprehensive platform of PChome Thai, merchants located in Thailand can use this platform to expand their business, regardless of whether they are individuals, mini-shops or small to medium sized businesses.

Yiabi (PChome IM) www.pchomeim.com.tw

Enjoy unlimited social networking

PChome IM is a mobile phone instant message App of PChome Online Inc. Focusing on providing secure, open and free services, it was announced in July, 2015. “Arrival in 2 seconds”, messages are delivered fast and securely.  Confirmation status will be responded by peers automatically and display “Arrived”status on PChome IM  chat room interface promptly,  eliminating anxious caused by the uncertainty of “cannot make sure whether messages arrived or not?”. PChome IM perfectly integrates Skype free voice call App, and support caller ID display, receivers can check the caller ID before answering incoming calls without worrying about unknown calls. One on one chat rooms and group chat rooms are just basic equipments of PChome IM, amazingly, it supports user-unlimited chat rooms. That is to say, you can have hundreds of thousands friends chatting in a single chat room! More exciting and sweet, you can get free funny stickers every day! Download PChome IM now, share awesome things with friends, and enjoy unlimited social networking.

iThome www.ithome.com.tw

Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage on online technology

iThome was established 1996, becoming the first website in Taiwan for news about the internet. At the time it was initially developed, it was the most important source of information. Today, it is still the most professional and influential news source for business information. 
In September 2001, it began issuing print magazines. iThome contains two websites: iThome online and iThome Download. They issue three e-papers covering the areas of IT management, product management, and daily news. In addition, ithelp and 7club often host technology conferences. By embracing diverse and flexible operations, iThome, with the entire information technology industry, persevered and adapted through the changing of times with strength and vigor. 


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