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PChome entered the e-commerce industry in June 2000 by establishing a business-to-consumer online mall, PChome Shopping. Online order forms were managed through a model that surpasses the traditional retail business model by integrating supplier development and management, management of product information, circular flow of payment and goods, and customer service. This drastically reduced the distance between the customer and the suppliers, which lowered operating costs and ultimately, retail prices. This allows customers to benefit from the efficient process provided by an innovative online shopping experience. 

24h Shopping 24h.pchome.com.tw

The first 24-hour delivery service to all the counties in Taiwan

PChome 24h Shopping commenced beginning of 2007 as the global pioneer of 24 hour delivery, establishing brand new benchmarks in the development of Taiwanese digital services. PChome 24h Shopping successfully generated a new market for consumer demand by providing a fast and reliable channel for timely delivery of household goods formally unsuitable for purchase via the web, including rice, condiments, and even tissue paper. This led to a shift in the behavior of Taiwanese consumers. By virtue of 24h Shopping, all types of daily use products became popular Internet purchases, bringing efficiency to the lives of consumers by allowing them to relax and feel at home while planning their household shopping. Currently, 24-hour delivery extends throughout the entire island of Taiwan, giving all consumers a satisfying online purchase experience by offering an abundance of products and the convenience of quick delivery. 


Global Shopping global.pchome.com.tw

Deliver high quality and cost effective Taiwanese goods to 104 countries

PChome Global Shopping was established in July 2010, offering Traditional and Simplified Chinese websites, combining PayPal, Alipay, International Express Mail Service of the Taiwan Post Office, to deliver high quality and cost effective Taiwanese goods to 105 countries to cater to overseas Chinese and Taiwanese students studying abroad, as well as businessmen women traveling abroad. PChome Global Shopping offers Chinese goods, electronics with a Chinese interface, Chinese books, as well as household products. In February 2012, an English website launched to expand services to the US, Europe, and other non-Chinese markets. 
PChome Global Shopping continues to provide services to consumers all over the world. We believe the internet has changed our lives and brought an unprecedented level of convenience. PChome Global Shopping aims to provide the best-in-class online experience for consumers around the world. 


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