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Founded in 1996, PChome Online Inc. incorporated (henceforth PChome Online) in July 1998.Over ten years in business, PChome Online Inc. is now the leading e-commerce service group that covers almost every important aspect of the industry.


PChome Online Inc. went public in January 2005 and became the first listed internet company (8044-tw) in the stock market. Under PChome Online group, there are three different business models operated under independent business units. “PChome24h Shopping ”is Taiwan's no.1 B2C shopping site which guarantees 24 hours delivery service. “Ruten Auctions” is the no.1 C2C marketplace holding more than 100 million active listings. “PChome Store” offers the no.1 B2B2C marketplace to help SMEs get into e-commerce. As for online payment, PChome Online group owns the third-party payment service providers - “PChomePay”. “PChome InterPay”and “Pi Mobile Wallet”, offering web and mobile payment services. To strategically expand operations into foreign markets in a timely manner, the group also opens subsidiaries in the U.S. and Thailand.


「Committed to innovation and value creation」is the core value of PChome Online Inc. We believe that only by employing network technology and applying innovation, can we continuously create more values, benefits and innovative user experiences for internet users.


 Look into the future, PChome Online Inc. will not only continue to provide localized diverse internet services in the domestic market, but will also facilitate in promoting products from SMEs in Taiwan to the global market. By establishing a brand for Taiwan E-Commerce, we hope to bring Taiwan into the global new commerce era.





1996 PChome Online website launched. Commenced portal operations.

PChome Online incorporated as PChome Online Inc.


E-commerce kicked off in June, starting with a business-to-consumer shopping mall; ranked #1 largest Taiwanese website by Business Next Publishing Corp.


Partnered with Skype to develop the PChome & Skype VoIP service.


Launched store department , offers SME e-commerce entry solution, which, besides B2C online shopping and C2C auction, offers a new business model to help SMEs in Taiwan get into e-commerce.


PChome Online partners with eBay to create new online auction company.


PChome 24h shopping launched. Received a positive response from the users and established new benchmarks in the Taiwanese e-commerce industry. Order forms immediately processed and products immediately delivered. 100% delivery rate achieved.


Entered into the real estate industry by forming a joint venture with Century 21,Pacific Realtor, Chinatrust Real Estate Co., H&B Business Group, and Sinyi Realty Inc. to establish Rakuya.


PCHOMESTORE INC. grew out of the store department of PChome Online Inc. in October 2005, and was spun-off as a PChome Online Inc. subsidiary in April 2010. 

PChome global shopping began targeting the international market.


PChome & Skype transferred operations to its subsidiary, LinkTel Inc.


PChome US shopping website officially online, to better serve the Chinese community in North America.


Established a third-party payment service “PChomePay”; in March of the following year, began offering a credit card payment collection service.


Embracing the age of Chinese online shopping, “PChomeUSA” website launched, offering consumer-to-consumer e-commerce services.

2014 Launched “Yiabi” ,offering mobile application services.
2015 Launched “Pi Mobile Wallet” service, offering mobile payment services.
2015  PChome Thai  was established in January 2015 to provide e-Commerce services in Thailand. PChome Thai strives to be the ultimate easy, safe and fun online shopping experience!
2016 PChome InterPay electronic payment service starts operation,launching stored value payment service and transfers between accounts,and has obtained electronic payment business license issued by FSC in March 2016.
2017 PChome’s Second Collaboration with Skype Founding Team: Lingvist, Language Learning with Artificial Intelligence. The first AI smart software for language learning that enables you to master the English language in 200 hours.

PChome devotes itself into cultivating membership economy and creating PChome’s “P-coin Ecology”.  In May, Cooperation with Citibank Taiwan to launch Citi PChome Prime cobrand card — a new benchmark for eCommerce membership service.  Mobile payment service “Pi wallet” cooperated with  E. Sun Bank, "E. Sun Pi Wallet Credit Card" has been released in August.  

PChome approved the investment proposal to setup PChome Express Inc. – a subsidiary 100% owned by PChome to provide a wide variety of B2B, B2C, B2B2C logistic service. 






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