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PChome Reports 2.333 billion and 15.5%Growth in Revenues, the outstanding warehouse performance leads the sales increase 14.3% which is the second highest record for one quarter in the past revenue records


PChome Reports 2.390 billion and 17.6% Growth in Revenues, the sales increased 23.4% as New warehouse is on the roll


PChome Reports $2.134 billion and 9.8% Growth in Revenue, the Best April Performance in History


PChome Reports $2.285 billion and 4.8% Growth in Revenue, the Best March Performance in History


PChome reports NT$25.742 billion in 2016 revenue, delivers $4.96 in cash dividend and $0.62 in stock dividend


PChome Reports NT$2.197 Billion in February Revenues


PChome’s Second Collaboration with Skype Founding Team: Lingvist, Language Learning with Artificial Intelligence


The revenues of PChome Online grew to 2.442 billion Taiwan Dollars in January 2017, with a 3.6 percent year-on-year rise and the best performance over the years in January


Lunar New Year Street Bazaar of PChome24h Shopping Site started a promotion of 89 percent off final reduction, with sales promotion of 61,000 food items to seize the business opportunity of Chinese New Year holiday. Food stocking had been raised 30 perce


The revenues of PChome Online grew to 2.299 billion Taiwan Dollars in December 2016, with a 7.7 percent year-on-year rise. The cumulative revenue in 2016 reached to 25.743 billion Taiwan Dollars, posting record high annual revenue.


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